This is how I went about Building a Scale Trail Truck using parts of other R/C cars and trucks. Many of these parts come from the ECX 1/18 Temper which is the same as the Redcat Racing Everest 16. From these trucks I built something very similar to the ECX Barrage, HSP and the RGT line of trucks (Like the Rock Crusier). So if you're interested in building your own 1/10 or 1/12 Rock Crawler or Scale Trail Truck, read on.

Monday, March 13, 2017

As expected, more power = more breakage!

So I have my first real repair on my truck.

I was out banging around in the back yard doing some Rock Crawling when I noticed my truck wasn't performing as well as it should. I wasn't able to climb a particular rock face that normally I can scoot up with ease.

So I started looking around and realized that my right front wheel was kinda free wheeling.
I figured maybe I had broken an axle shaft or lost a CV pin. So I started tearing apart the front axle.
Why is it always the front one! The rear one is easy to get out, the front has all that steering linkage and crap!

Anyway, I finally determined that I had rounded out the slot in the Ring gear spool/differential where the axle goes in. Instead of being a nice little rectangular slot it was a nice little rounded hole!

Grrrr, So I looked up the part number and started shopping. Knowing that most of the parts in this car are the same as the RedCat Everest 16 so I searched around and found a replacement.

UPDATE: This is the same piece that broke. If you can afford it, I would get the Aluminum version of this (see my post "Broke the rear differential"